Music Department

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir (MU 105/305) meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:15am-12:10pm. This is our large choir (usually around 75-80 singers).  There is no audition for this group; all you need to do is enroll.  We will place you after the school year begins.  You do NOT have to be a music major to enroll in Concert Choir.  Approximately 50% of our choir is composed of non-music majors, from freshmen through seniors.  Concert Choir generally performs three to four concerts a year.


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Concert Choir
Performance Schedule:

October 26 - Band and Choir Concert - 7PM, tickets $5/$1

November 8 - Honor Choir - 5PM, Free

December 7 - Music Department Holiday Bash, 7PM, tickets $5/$1

February 20 - Choir Concert - 7PM, tickets $5/$1

April 18 - Spring Choir Concert - 7PM, tickets $5/$1 

To purchase tickets,
call 970-247-7657
or visit