Music Department

Upcoming Concerts/Recitals

Have a Great Summer! 

Mark your calendars for our Fall lineup of concerts:

September 28 - Faculty Collage Scholarship Recital, RRH, 3PM, adults $15/children $5(at the door)

October 24 - Fall Band Concert, CCH, 7PM, adults $5/children $1

October 26 - Fall Choir Concert, CCH, 7PM, adults $5/children $1

November 13 - Honor Choir, CCH, 5:30PM, FREE

December 2 - Jazz Ensembles, CCH, 7PM, adults $5/children $1

December 4 - Percussion Ensembles, CCH, 7PM, adults $5/children $1

December 5 - Holiday Concert featuring band, choirs, strings; CCH,  7PM, adults $5/children $1

December 10 - Woodwind Ensembles, RRH, 7PM, FREE

December 11 - Brass and String Ensembles, RRH, 7PM, FREE

RRH = Roshong Recital Hall located inside Jones Hall at Fort Lewis College

CCH = Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College

Proceeds from all Music Department Events go towards

music scholarships for our students.

Thank you for supporting us!

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