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Finish in Four! gets students through school and into the world

Graduating in four years is an achievable goal for FLC students involved in the Finish in Four! program.

Graduating in four years is an achievable goal for FLC students involved in the Finish in Four! program.

Completing an undergraduate education in four years can be a challenge. But the rewards can be many -- personal accomplishment, financial savings, and moving on to the next stage of your career-building. 

"Being able to graduate in four years showed that I can persevere through anything," says Ethan Talbot, who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Human Services in April. "It proved to me that I can set a goal and accomplish it no matter what challenges arise."

Hugo Pomarico, who also graduated in April, cites the practical value of having earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in four years. "I not only saved money on tuition, I'm able to start my career earlier," says Pomarico, who now is a Planning, Performance, and Business Analyst for Petrobras America. "The most rewarding part, though, is having a job right after graduation."

But finishing a degree in four years isn't always easy. Which is why Fort Lewis College offers the Finish in Four! program. Finish in Four! is an agreement that first-time freshmen can make with the college that guarantees students access to the classes needed to graduate in four years in exchange for deadline commitments.

Participating students work with Finish in Four! advisors to develop academic plans that identify critical course sequencing to assure a timely graduation, and students agree to enroll in those courses.

To be eligible, a student must be:

  • a first-time freshman;
  • college-level in reading, writing, and mathematics under the Colorado Basic Skills Assessment Policy;
  • and ready to declare a major.

Eligible students need to sign up for the program before the Census Date of their first semester at Fort Lewis College. Census Date is the 12th day of classes in the Fall and Winter terms and the 5th day of classes in the Summer terms.

Even though students can complete their degrees in four years without assistance, the guidance the Finish if Four! program offers can go a long way toward completing one's goals.

"Everybody at some point in their college career needs help," says Talbot, adding, "The special thing about Fort Lewis College is that there are so many people who want to help you."

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