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Fort Lewis College claims its U

Fort Lewis College claims its U

Now students can be proud to get the FLU – Fort Lewis University, that is.

As of July 1, Fort Lewis College will be renamed Fort Lewis University. FLC earned its “U” by adding its first graduate programs in Teacher Leadership offered by the Department Teacher Education, which begin classes in the Fall. FLC is following the trend among other Colorado colleges, such as Mesa State College, Western State College, and Adams State College, now known as Colorado Mesa University, Western State Colorado University, and Adams State University, respectively.

“I think it’s great that the school is changing its name to FLU," says junior English major Adam Romero who served as the student representative on the Name Selection Committee. "But it might make some students sick!"

“Not that that's a bad thing,” says FLC’s president. "I think ours is one FLU people will want to get!” she says, pumping her fist and chanting, “The FLU! Catch it! Spread it!”

In terms of marketing this new name, the timing is right, explains FLC’s Director of Admission. “Flu season overlaps perfectly with our recruitment period," he says, "so now when people hear all that news about 'the flu,' they'll think about our FLU, too."

While the new name will be a boost to some programs, like Public Health, accepting this change in Athletics will prove to be a little trickier. Uniforms and caps displaying “FLC” can be easily changed to “FLU”, but a new nickname and mascot will be harder to choose. Early leading contenders for FLU sports teams include “Outbreaks,” “Infectors,” and “Pathogens.”

“Regardless of the new mascot’s identity, it’s likely to be controversial,” worries FLC’s Director of Alumni Relations. “Our alumni are still adjusting to last year’s new Skyhawk logo, and another change so soon won’t be received well.”

"But whichever name is chosen," he adds confidently, "it's sure to quickly go viral."


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