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Eli Halterman: "I'm starting my career"

Eli Halterman, from Montrose, Colorado, recently graduated with a major in Theatre with a Generalist Option.

I'm working with the Missoula Children’s Theatre, a traveling theatre company that visits all 50 states and several countries. My official title is a touring actor/director. In the towns we visit, we offer auditions to kids ages 6 to 18, then we teach them acting, blocking, and even songs as well. Then the kids put on the show for the community. I’m really excited about that. Kids are great and their energy is just really awesome.

In theater, having experience is pretty vital. Most places, whether graduate schools or jobs, they want you to have X number of years of actual theatre experience outside academia. With graduate schools, they’ll accept you without it but they look much more favorably on those with experience in the field. Since this job involves both acting and directing, this is great experience for anything I want to do.

When I came for a tour to Fort Lewis, I just loved the atmosphere of the campus, the location, the site itself. I was looking at a lot of places. I looked at CU, CSU, I really considered Colorado College for awhile. The size of the school didn’t matter that much to me, but it was the feeling I got when I went to visit, when talking to people. I was mostly interested in the atmosphere, and the vibe at FLC was awesome.

It mattered to me, too, as a theatre student, that Fort Lewis was supportive of art and theatre. But it's a liberal arts college, too. I think it is really easy to get really focused on your major in college. And that’s fine when you’re in school but the real world isn’t cut and dry like that. In the real world, there will always be other things coming in that will take you away from your main drive. And I think that the liberal arts education really gives you a little preparation on that. It instills an understanding that you need an understanding of multiple things.

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