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Jordan Saylor: "I'm launching my own business"

Jordan Saylor (far right), from Centennial, Colorado, recently graduated with a double major in Business Administration with an International Business Option and Accounting. Her sisters and mother are all FLC alumni as well, from left to right, Jannah Saylor (2007), Kerstan Saylor (2010), Kathy Saylor (1979), and Morgan Saylor (2009).

I'm starting a personal assistant/concierge business with my three sisters, called Saylor and Company. Three of us studied accounting, so we all have a great grasp of business. We also have about 25 years of experience in nannying and personal assistant work between us. We’re focusing on small-event planning. We'll do the whole thing start to finish: grocery shopping, making the food, decorating, all of it. The other area we'll work in is mountain-home preparation, so visitors to the mountains can find their home organized and warm and stocked with groceries when they arrive. The third service we'll offer is daily errands, the little things to make people’s lives a little easier.

The funny thing is, my three older sisters and my parents all went to Fort Lewis, so growing up I always heard from my mom how great Durango and Fort Lewis College was. My parents met at Fort Lewis in an accounting class! And they were right, because I feel like I’ve been prepared to take on some of the stuff we’ve encountered in starting our business.

I was fortunate to have opportunities like the School of Business Administration advisory board. We were the middlemen between the professors and the students, providing the college with advice on issues in the school. I also participated in a semester abroad at a university in France. That was an amazing experience. It's what encouraged me to double-major in accounting and international business.

What is special about our situation is that know we can go back to our professors. I love the faculty. I have gotten that great one-on-one attention for professors, and that’s very unique. The professors just want you to do well. Building those relationships with them really encouraged me to do well and give as much as they give to students. Now I feel that if I have questions about different bumps in the road I could email five of my professors. We can use them as a resource for the future if we ever come across problems. I could go to any of them and they would drop anything to help us with whatever advice we need.

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