Brittany Weaver, from Rangely, Colorado, recently graduated with a Psychology degree.

This Fall, I am going to Seton Hill University, in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I'll be entering the marriage and family therapy program, something I’ve been working toward for four and a half years. Afterward I would really like to work in a private practice, but also volunteer part time with families that can’t afford counseling elsewhere. I want to give back to the community, to people who aren’t as fortunate. I feel like if I’m able to help relieve some of that stress, even if just for an hour a week, it would help make a difference in their lives.

I would say my toughest academic challenge was being in the John F. Reed Honors Program. I took an extra year to finish my thesis and the Honors program because I felt that would really prepare me for graduate work, and I feel like it has. It was one of the hardest academic challenges in my college career, but also the most rewarding. And I think the Honors Program really inspired me to go to grad school, and helped me get in. It made me feel like I could handle the course load I will have in grad school.

I also think that the liberal arts are important. It helps you think outside the box. I think that’s something people look for in graduates today. If you are able to think differently, to think in a way that employers are not expecting you to think I think you’ll have a better chance of being successful and getting your foot in the door in other opportunities in the future.

I was an RA for two years here, I worked summer conferences, and I worked in the leadership center this past school year. And with that, I met the president and chatted with her asking her questions about her plans for Fort Lewis College. As an RA, I dealt with issues I’ve never dealt with before and after I did I was a stronger person for it. All of those experiences have really helped me and built my resume and helped me become more self-assured.

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