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Fort Lewis students have lowest debt load in Colorado

Fort Lewis College graduates in 2010 carried the lowest debt load among public and private four-year schools in Colorado, according to a nation-wide study of student indebtedness. The Project on Student Debt says the debt load for FLC students is more than $4,600 less than the average debt load in Colorado, and nearly $8,000 less than the national average.

The low student debt comes from the FLC's efforts to keep its tuition affordable and its scholarship and financial aid offerings accessible. The college has both increased its scholarship awards and assists students in figuring out how to best finance a student's education.

“Fort Lewis has actively sought to promote increased access and affordability for all of our students,” says Andrew Burns, Director of Admission and Advising. “With economic uncertainties abound on both the national and international level, Fort Lewis' commitment to a high quality liberal arts education at a reasonable cost allows us to attract high achieving students while also being mindful of the financial impact on our students and their families.”

For 2011-12 school year, FLC had no out-of-state tuition increases -- with none projected for 2012-13 -- while the college awarded $6,975,035 in institutional scholarships. That figure is up more than 300 percent from the $1,969,636 provided in the 2006-07 academic year. Through the Merit Scholarship program, academically qualified students may be eligible for annual scholarships valued up to $12,000. Pell Grants, Work Study and other grants are also available to help offset the costs of an education.

When students do need to get loans, the Financial Aid Office provides guidance to be sure those funds are used effectively. Financial aid advisors offer loan management sessions, and students receive financial counseling before they receive loan proceeds on the rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower. Advisors also help calculate the amount a student may have to borrow for his or her education, as well as the estimated payments after graduation. 

“By the time our students graduate in four years,” adds Burns, “they are not overly burdened with student loans and are ready to contribute to and compete in the workforce.”

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