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Fort Lewis College's Centennial Commencement

 FLC Professor of Geosciences Dr. Gary Gianniny addressed the Colleges newest graduates at 2011 Fall Commencement.
FLC Professor of Geosciences Dr. Gary Gianniny addressed the Colleges newest graduates at 2011 Fall Commencement.

Fort Lewis College’s 2011 Fall Commencement ceremony might be considered the official end of the College’s centennial year. It also represented the end of the undergraduate academic careers of around 180 FLC students. At the same time, Commencement marks a new beginning for both Fort Lewis College and its newest alumni, a second century for one and a new life as a college graduate for the other.

“Fort Lewis College’s trail from high school to junior college to four-year liberal arts college echoes the trail of your lives,” FLC President Dene Thomas told the graduates during her Commencement remarks. “We are very proud of your trail.”

“In a few minutes, you will be one of the ‘haves,’ added Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College Chair Richard Ballantine. “One of those who have a much greater likelihood of living a rewarding life, a college degree does that.”

Jim Cross, representing the FLC faculty, spoke next and thanked the parents for their support of their graduates. He also offered advice under the theme: be a single-tasker.

“I would like you all to seriously consider that doing one thing at a time and doing it exceedingly well just might be better and more productive than multi-tasking,” he said. “Studies show that you’re not as good at multi-tasking as you think you are anyway. Do simple things well and pay attention to their detail.”

The final greeting to the students was from President of the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College Natalie Janes. She suggested that the graduates take a moment to look back on the memories that they have built at Fort Lewis and how this place has changed their lives.

“As a fellow student, I hope that when people ask where you received your degree, you proudly say Fort Lewis College. I hope that when your children ask you about your college experience, you tell them about the great education and the wonderful memories of Fort Lewis and Durango.”

The culminating speaker of every Commencement ceremony is the Commencement Speaker. This honor fell upon FLC Professor of Geosciences Dr. Gary Gianniny. Dr. Gianniny was recognized for his outstanding research and scholarship when he was named the 2011 Fort Lewis College Featured Scholar.

Dr. Gianniny’s complete Commencement Address can be seen by clicking here.

Congratulations goes to all of the newest graduates of Fort Lewis College, as well as to the extraordinary faculty that prepare their students to succeed in a world that grows more complex and competitive each day.

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