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Fort Lewis College and San Juan College partnering to produce tomorrow’s scientists

Producing more graduates in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields is becoming increasingly important in a world where advances in these fields are coming faster than ever. This fall, Colorado’s Fort Lewis College was awarded almost $600,000 over the next five years from the National Science Foundation to support a partnership with New Mexico’s San Juan College to do just that.

With students by his side, Dr. Monte Helm is solving a key problem in renewable energy

Recent research conducted by Fort Lewis Chemistry professor Dr. Monte Helm in collaboration with the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has the potential to make delivering renewable energy to the world on a large scale a reality.

Award helps in the search for the next medical breakthrough and the next great scientist

Do an Internet search for high dose drugs and the headlines that come to the top are ominous: “FDA Should Ban High Doses of Alzheimer's Drug Aricept, Public Citizen Says,” “High-Dose Statins May Increase Diabetes Risk,” “FDA Warns Against High Doses Of Cholesterol Drug.”

Fort Lewis College Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Kenny Miller is working on ways to keep, and perhaps even increase, a drug’s medicinal effects while decreasing the need for a high dosage that can lead to harmful side effects.

How to prepare for grad school: Get a solid foundation

I'll be starting in the Fall in a Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin. The confidence that resulted from my experience at Fort Lewis played a large part in my going on to graduate school. I didn’t have a lot of confidence after my first bachelor’s degree at another college. My grades weren’t great. So, being in a place where I could really excel, where I could not only do well and get good grades, but where I really felt I was learning a lot and getting to know the material, has benefited me.

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