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Graduates tout the rewards of finishing in four years

Completing an undergraduate education in four years can be a challenge. But the rewards can be many -- personal accomplishment, financial savings, and moving on to the next stage of your career-building. 

Finishing a degree in four years isn't always easy, though. That's where Finish in Four! comes in. Finish in Four! is an agreement that first-time freshmen can make with the college that guarantees students access to the classes needed to graduate in four years in exchange for deadline commitments.

Undergraduate research makes a big contribution to understanding the origins of the Navajo Volcanic field

What if you wanted to figure out how an ancient volcano formed? Since there is no active eruption, you can't just go watch, and since there's human-record of the event you can't find the answer in a book.

Where you have to look is inside the rocks themselves that were born from the volcano, with the help of highly sophisticated and specialized instruments.

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