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Fort Lewis College Scholarships                    





Durango Local Scholarships




Due Date




Descendant of Mayflower


Apply online at


(2) $500.00

Must have Mayflower Ancestry, strong leadership abilities, GPA, class rank, and letter of recommendation.


Best Buy

Apply online at



(1,700) Varies


Grades, and outstanding community service

Green House Scholars

Apply online at


Leadership, financial need


Apply online at


Athletes, academics, involved in community

County Sheriffs of Colorado**

Feb. 28th



The Moniker Foundation*

Mar. 15th


Need based


P.E.O. Chapter BR Woman’s Scholarship*


Mar/ 15th



Woman, GPA 3.0 higher, enrolled or planning on enrolling in a degree program at an accredited school

The Charter Fund*

May 4th


Need based

Colorado County Clerks Association Presidential Scholarships*


March 9th




Need based, 3.25 GPA,

Hoyt Miller-Durango Lions Club*

April 16th

$1,000.000 (one yr. only)

Must keep 2.0 and be a full time student, seeking a degree


LPEA Fort Lewis College Scholarship*


Mar. 1st



Must attend FLC, have 15 credits every term, GPA 2.0 first yr, 3.5 second yr, and 3.5 3rd and 4th yr.

LPEA/John Voelker Scholarship*

Mar. 1st

$2,700.00 ( can’t exceed this amount)

Attending university, college, or vocational school, must keep 15 credits every term, GPA 2.0 1st yr. 2.5 2nd yr., 3.0 3rd and 4th yr., cost of tuition

Dorothy Gore P.E.O.*

Mar. 19th


3.o GPA, female, leadership potential, community service


Durango High Noon Rotary*


Mar. 23rd

(2) up to $3,500.00 per yr. for FLC

$1,000.00 Vo-Tech


Need based, without this scholarship student would not be able to attend school

RMEL Foundation*

Mar. 13th

Return it to LEPA



Colorado Masons’ Benevolent Fund Vocational Grants*


May 15th




Need based

Colorado Mason’s Benevolent Fund Scholarships*


May 15th


Up to $7,000.00 per yr.

Must attend CO college, university, or at a accredited school


First United Methodist Thrift Shop Part-Time*



Mar. 31st




Leadership, church involvement, community service, extracurricular activity, and personal attributes

Basin Electric*


Mar. 1st



Durango Emblem Club

Mar. 20th

(2) $500.00



Office of Navajo Scholarships and Financial Assistance*


June 25th

Based on money need to attend college/university, Vo-Tech, community college.

Certified Native American, Must attend an institution accredited Navajo Nation, Need Based




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