Erik JuergensmeyerErik Juergensmeyer
Department: Writing Program
Title: Director, Associate Professor
Office: Jones Hall, RM 128
Phone: 970-247-7098
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Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer is Coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies Minor and Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric. His research interests include community mediation and nonviolent communication. He teaches PEAC 101 and 401.

Bridget IrishBridget Irish
Department: Writing Program
Title: Assistant Dean
Office: Jones Hall, RM 122
Phone: 970-247-6940

Bridget Irish is coordinator of the Peace Initiative. Her research includes teaching human rights and community outreach.

David KozakDavid Kozak
Department: Anthropology
Title: Professor
Office: Center of Southwest Studies, RM 278
Phone: 970-247-7498

Dr. David Kozak is Associate Professor of Anthropology. His research ranges from healing song poetics of the Tohono O’odham culture of southern Arizona, to Type 2 diabetes and obesity, to land access issues regarding conflicts over recreational and sacred land use. Collaborative community-based projects are close to Kozak’s heart. He has worked in several Native American communities of southern Arizona, and locally, applying his expertise to assist in problem solving regarding health and well-being matters. He teaches ANTH 210.