Peak Experiences

Packing List

Peak Experiences - Packing List

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Equipment that OP will provide (Feel free to bring your own if you wish)

-Large capacity backpack*  (minimum 70L capacity if bringing your own)


-Sleeping system  (sleeping bag and pad)* 15-20 degree bag will work great for most people                                                                        

Personal Clothing/Equipment List

-Pair fleece or wool pants (No Cotton ie. jeans or sweat pants)

1- Fleece top or mid-weight wool sweater

1- Light or medium weight long underwear  top and bottom

1- Warm jacket  heavy fleece or down

1- Warm hat (not cotton)

1- Hat with brim (baseball)

1- Waterproof shell  (upper) NO ponchos or wind shells.

1- Pair waterproof pants (optional but nice)

1- Pair of wool or fleece gloves or mittens

3- Pair heavyweight wool or fleece socks (optional – sock liners)

1- Pair sturdy hiking boots or trail shoes (NO tennis shoes or Five Fingers!) 

1- Pair light weight camp shoes (Crocs, Chacos, or tennis shoes work great)

2- T-shirts

1- Pair of shorts, quick drying

3- Underwear

2- Stuff sacks for organizing clothing

1- Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries

1- Bandana

1- Pair sunglasses

1- Small sunscreen

1- Lip balm with sunscreen

1- Pocket knife with can opener

1- Small toilet kit

-Small biodegradable soap

-Toothbrush and toothpaste

-Women, bring tampons

-Do not bring makeup, deodorant, perfume, etc. (it’s too heavy!)

2- Water bottles (enough to carry 1/2 gallon. If you bring a bladder system, also bring 1 bottle in case of breakage)

1- Spoon, insulated cup, bowl


Camera, journal, pen/pencil, compass, natural history books

Affordable Options: There are many affordable alternatives to going out and buying all this gear at an outdoor store if you don’t have it already. Check out this VIDEO for more information.