Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Club Past Schedules


Monday, September 3, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: “Skeptical Religion,” Caleb Ontiveros, FLC Philosophy Major

Thursday, September 20, 3:00-5:00, Vallecito Room: “Defusing the Darwinian Dilemma: Adaptive Antirealism and Adequate Explanations,” Dr. Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

Monday, October 8, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: "On Pridelessness," Dr. Jeremy Fischer, University of Calgary

Thursday, October 18, 3:00-5:00, Vallecito Room: "The Meaning of Life," Dr. George Backen, Adams State College

Monday, October 29, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: “Courage as an Environmental Virtue,” Dr. Rachel Fredericks, FLC Department of Philosophy

Monday, November 5, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: FLC Ethics Bowl Scrimmage featuring four FLC philosophy students!  Audience members wanted!

Monday, December 3, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: "Do We Justly Own What We Legally Have?" Dr. Justin McBrayer, FLC Department of Philosophy

Monday, January 14, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: "The F-Word in Academia: Clearing Faith's Bad Rap," Mr. Nate Herbst, Connect Campus Ministry

Monday, January 28, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: “Critical Reflections on John Rawls’ Theory of Justice,” Dr. Sarah Roberts-Cady, FLC Department of Philosophy

Monday, February 11, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: "Reflections On Caring in the Academy," Dr. Bill Mangrum, FLC Religious Studies

Monday, February 18, 7:00, Noble Hall: "Living Deeper without God," Dr. Dugald Owen, FLC Department of Philosophy

Monday, February 25, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: TBA, A Student-Led Discussion

Monday, March 18, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: “Can a Life Be Redeemed?” Mr. Ed Cash, Durango High School

Monday, April 1, 7:00-8:30, Senate Chambers: "What Makes Something Possible? A Survey of the Metaphysics of Modality," FLC Philosophy students


October 10: "WTF is Postmodernism?" a student-led discussion, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

October 20 (Thursday): "Is Epistemic Self-Reliance an Ideal?" Dr. Linda Zagzebski, University of Oklahoma, 3:30 Vallecito Room, Student Union

November 7: "How is Virtue Relevant for Medical Ethics?" Dr. Kip Boyd, Chief Medical Officer, Mercy Hospital, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

December 5: "Prediction & Truth: At What does Science Aim?" Doug Moore, FLC student, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

January 23: "The crystal, the equation, and the metaphor walk into a bar: what do Michael Polyani and Kurt Godel have to say to a writer?" Dr. David Clark, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

February 6: “Knowledge and Incentives: Doing Good While Doing Well,”  Dr. Deborah Walker, Economist with FLC School of Business, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

February 20: "Continental Philosophy,"Dr. Nathan Guss, FLC Department of Modern Languages, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

March 19: "What is Art?" Steve Meyers, FLC Department of English, 7 pm, Senate Chambers of Student Union

April 19 (Thursday): Dr. Philip Cafaro, Department of Philosophy, Colorado State University, 3:30 pm, Noble Hall 130 (topic TBA)