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Important Documents Regarding the Proposal to Return FLC to a Three-Credit Model

President's Report to Faculty: Justification of Proposal to Return Fort Lewis College to a Three-Credit Curriculum Model

Student Frequently Asked Questions

After reading student email responses and listening at the student forum, there seems to be a general concern of how a change to a three-credit model will affect you, the students enrolled right now at Fort Lewis College. The short answer is that the change will have no or very little impact on currently enrolled students. Even if the change is approved this year, it will not go into effect this year or likely even next year. So juniors and seniors, and perhaps even sophomores, will have already graduated before the change to three-credits goes into effect. The change will not delay your graduation plans.

Regardless of when the change to three-credits happens, every effort will be made to allow students to graduate following the course catalog that was in effect when they enrolled at FLC. That means that even freshmen enrolled right now will have the opportunity to graduate under the current 3/4-credit mixed curriculum catalog, because that is what's in effect right now.

Curriculum changes are not uncommon in colleges and universities, and there is always a transition process and period built in so that the disruption to current students is minimal. That will be true for the change to a three-credit model at Fort Lewis College.

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