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Countdown to Graduation

Don’t miss the Countdown to Graduation from 12:00 pm. – 4 p.m., Tuesday, November 4th, in the Vallecito Room of the Student Union. This one-stop shop for graduating seniors has been organized to make it easy for you to take care of some important tasks and get answers to your questions without doing the time-consuming campus runaround.


  • Bring your FLC ID
  • Bring your FAFSA PIN (if you have Stafford Loans)
  • Bring your resume for a final review by Career Services staff

Students who attend will get a graduating senior goody bag, refreshments, the opportunity to send electronic postcards to your family and friends announcing your graduation, and be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini!

Here are the offices that will be in the Vallecito Room  to assist you:

Financial Aid

  • Review your loan information and get assistance on how to complete required exit interview counseling for your Stafford Loans
  • Please bring your FAFSA PIN

Student Billing & Cashiering

  • Check account balances for any outstanding balances
  • Get assistance on how to complete required exit counseling for your Perkins Loans


  • Get all your questions answered about the graduation ceremony, Latin honors, and the issuing of your diploma
  • Find out how to order transcripts
  • Review the application for graduation process, including how to request an exception to graduation

Career Services

  • Get your resume and cover letter reviewed
  • Discuss graduate school preparation and career search networking plan

Online Presence 

  • Edit and polish your online presence
  • Research what is online about you, public or private


  • Get details on cap and gown pick up
  • Meet with Jostens representatives about ordering class rings and graduation announcements
  • See displays of graduation frames, congratulations cards, flowers, and other graduation items
  • Review dates for buyback and rental check in reminder

Alumni Relations 

  • Participate in the senior survey to provide information for the senior class profile
  • Learn about Alumni Association benefits and how to stay connected to Fort Lewis through the Alumni Ambassador program

Information Technology

  • Pick up your student copy of Microsoft Office
  • Get all your questions answered about your student email account and your M drive files
  • Find out about ongoing access to WebOpus

Don’t miss this event!

Class of 2014 Countdown to Graduation
Date: Tuesday, November 4th
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Vallecito Room, Student Union

Questions? Email Lauren Delle at or call 970-382-6936.