STEM-3 Student Success Center

Student Services

The STEM3 Student Success Center is a TRiO program (Student Support Services) funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. STEM3 provides individualized academic and personal support services to eligible students. The purpose of STEM3 is to help its participants succeed at Fort Lewis College. All STEM3 services are free.


Academic Advising

Participants are assigned a third advisor at Fort Lewis College through the STEM3 program. Participants are expected to meet with their STEM3 advisor every semester prior to faculty advisement and enrollment. STEM3 advisors will work with students to design a personalized academic plan of study. Your STEM3 advisor will help participants establish academic goals, track progress, and provide personal support.

Financial Aid Advising

Participants will receive assistance with the financial aid process including, but not limited to, FAFSA, scholarships, grants, and financial aid appeals.

Graduate School Advising

Participants interested in pursuing graduate school will receive assistance with the graduate school process. Assistance includes selecting graduate school programs, understanding and meeting program requirements, applying to and preparing for graduate school, test preparation, and finding financial support for graduate school.


Tutoring assistance is provided for participants. This includes drop-in tutoring, group tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, and supplemental instruction. Tutoring requests are available to meet students' specific needs. Information about the STEM3 tutoring program is found here.

Scholarship Awards

STEM3 offers four types of scholarship awards to participants. Scholarship information is found here.

Computer Lab and Lounge

The STEM3 lab and lounge are accessible to STEM3 participants. The Lab (BH 772) has five campus computers and other educational resources. The STEM3 lounge (BH 711) has a small kitchen and space that students can use.

Educational Resources

The STEM3 program has many technological and educational resources for students to take advantage of. A short list of available resources is located below:

  • 2 x Apple Ipad 2 - loaded with Educational Apps;

  • 8 x Dell Latitude Netbooks;

  • 15 x TI-84 Scientific Calculators;

  • 5 x Dell Desktops;

  • 5 x Olympus Digital Voice Recorders;

  • Many current editions of STEM Fort Lewis College textbooks;

  • Small reference Library covering STEM disciplines;

  • Extensive Library of GRE preparation and study resources;

  • Molecular modeling kits for Inorganic & Organic Chemistry;

  • Comprehensive set of Anatomy models;

  • Biology models;

  • Research level microscope and microscopy workshops;

  • Comprehensive selection of histology slides;

  • Donated textbooks available for check-out; and,

  • Selection of board games offering opportunities for relaxation!