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Personal Finance and Financial Literacy

STEM3 places an emphasis on personal finance and financial literacy. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge to not only manage their personal finances but to understand the broader financial system and successfully navigate the many decisions we must make as productive citizens on a daily basis.

Finances are one of the most common barriers to enrolling and remaining in higher education. With improved financial literacy, students and families will better understand the positive impact that higher education can have on their financial future. They’ll also have a better understanding of the tools and resources available to find an appropriate education path, create a financial plan to get to college, and stay in college.

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STEM3 makes use of the curriculum developed by CollegeInvest, part of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The curriculum is developed based on national standards set forth by the federal government via the federally funded Jump$tart Coalition. The goal is to develop competencies in six categories, including: Financial Responsibility and Decision Making, Income and Careers, Planning and Money Management, Credit and Debt, Risk Management and Insurance, and Saving and Investing.

We actively encourage our students to participate in our personal finance and financial literacy program; however, we do not require any students to spend time and effort on the subject. We do give service credit for participating in this part of our program and completing one module per academic year is required to qualify for a STEM3 academic scholarship.

If you have questions about our Personal Finance and Financial Literacy program then please contact James Deaton 970-247-6186 or you can e-mail him at



EducationCents Homepage

Registration and STEM3 Group Sign-up Instructions

EducationCents offers an online enrichment program which utilizes online learning modules followed by quizzes to check for understanding. The program is excellent for students as you can work at your own pace. If you elect to spend 10 minutes reading through a module and then save your progress, you have that option and can always come back to the material at any given point.

At EducationCents, STEM3 has created their own group where all of our STEM3 students can sign up and share any questions they may have or catch recent update posts about our program, new financial aid tools, scholarship lists, career exploration, FAFSA information, etc.

If you prefer working out of a paper workbook and discussing Personal Finance and Financial Literacy then please drop me an e-mail and we can arrange an appointment each semester to discuss your progress in the workbook and address any questions. Any appointments scheduled regarding Personal Finance and Financial Literacy will count as a service and assist students in meeting program eligibility and scholarship eligibility requirements.