Writing Program

Fort Lewis College Writing Program

The Fort Lewis College Writing Program was created in 1995 as part of an assessment-driven initiative to improve students' critical thinking and writing abilities. The Writing Program is a critical part of the School of Arts and Sciences and we play a central role in FLC's Liberal Arts Core.

Grounded in the discipline of rhetoric, one of the original liberal arts, the Fort Lewis College Writing Program is dedicated to student success in developing critical thinking and effective reading and writing skills. Our goal is to support students of all backgrounds as they gain fluency in academic discourse. We guide students to recognize that knowledge building is the goal of academic work, that ideas are the centerpiece of that work, and that knowledge building occurs through dialogue.

We recognize our responsibility to the college as a whole to prepare students, especially first- and second-year students, to be effective thinkers, communicators, and academic readers and writers. Through our student-centered work in the classroom, we encourage exploration of what it means to be a responsible member of a community and offer guidance toward becoming effective participants in a democratic society.

 We Also:

  • Offer developmental reading and writing courses (TRS 90 and TRS 91) to prepare students for first-year courses in academic reading and writing.
  • Offer 100-level courses in rhetoric and academic discourse (COMP 125, COMP 126, and COMP 150).
  • Collaborate with the Campus Writing Board to promote a writing-rich curriculum across campus.
  • Offer 200-level courses in rhetoric, public speaking, and writing for academic, professional, and civic purposes (COMP 250, COMP 252, and COMP 253).
  • Offer 300-level courses in advanced writing for rhetorical purposes (COMP/HON 350) and advanced technical communication (COMP 352).
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