Fort Lewis College Writing Program SAI Pilot Project Spring 2014

During Spring 2014, the FLC WP is piloting “Supplemental Academic Instruction” (SAI) as it is defined by the State of Colorado. We will be offering a total of 16 seats in two COMP 150 classes and two COMP 190 labs. Instead of taking remedial courses, students will place directly into a COMP 150 class (4 credits) and an accompanying COMP 190 class (1 credit). COMP 150 will meet twice weekly; COMP 190 will meet for an additional hour once a week.

COMP 150 is an introduction to academic reading and writing. It is a rigorous, challenging, exciting course which emphasizes the interplay of reading and writing in an academic environment. Students will be introduced to the foundations of rhetoric and will learn to use rhetoric as a primary tool in analyzing a variety of sources. Students will understand their own rhetorical contexts and situations as writers who contribute to academic conversations and knowledge creation through their texts. The goals of this course are to help students learn to read critically, and to develop and apply a rhetorical perspective.

COMP 150 (“Rhetoric and Research”) at FLC

In order to participate in the pilot project, students qualify through their CCHE index/High School English GPA and through a response to a writing prompt. Working with advising, WP faculty will identify candidates based on their CCHE index/High School English GPA and collect essays, which will be reviewed by WP faculty.

SAI Essay Prompt

In our remedial writing courses, we teach students that all communication is persuasive and utilizes a wide range of strategies to demonstrate its point to a specific audience. In no more than 2 pages (Times New Roman, size 12, single spaced), identify and describe a text (a favorite book, song, photograph, essay, play, etc.) and explain how it communicates a message to a specific audience. Make sure you write a well-developed essay containing paragraphs with topic sentences and specific supporting details, and a conclusion. Please follow with a discussion that outlines in specific, concrete ways your most valued previous academic experiences.

Please send your essay as a word attachment via email to Ana Hale at

ALTERNATIVE PROMPT: If you prefer, you can send in a copy of a piece of academic writing you are most proud of. Ideally this will be something that was assigned by a teacher as a graded piece of academic writing and that you feel that you performed exceptionally well on. We would prefer something academically oriented; no creative writing pieces. Please send your piece of writing as a word attachment via email to Ana Hale at

As this essay seeks to accurately identify students’ writing skills in regards to their placement, which directly affects their success in our classes, we expect this essay to only be written by the applicant. Academic integrity, conventions, and plagiarism rules apply.