Academic directory of majors and minors

Please review our directory of currently available majors, minors, certificates, and options...

ACCOUNTING (program website)
Accounting major
Accounting minor
ADVENTURE EDUCATION (program website)
Adventure Education major
Adventure Education minor
ANTHROPOLOGY (program website)
Biocultural Anthropology minor
Sociocultural Anthropology minor
Anthropology major
Archaeology minor
Cultural Resource Management certificate
ART & DESIGN (program website)
Art History minor
Art major - Art option
Art major - Business Art option
Art major - Graphic Design option
Art major - K-12 Teaching option
Art minor
ATHLETIC TRAINING (program website)
Athletic Training major
BIOLOGY (program website)
Biology major - Biology for Secondary Teachers option
Biology major - Cellular and Molecular Biology option
Biology major - Environmental and Organismic Biology option
Biology major - General Biology option
Biology minor
Business Administration major - Business Administration option
Business Administration major - Engineering Management option
Business Administration major - Finance option
Business Administration major - International Business option
Business Administration major - Management option
Business Administration major - Tourism and Hospitality Management option
Business Administration minor
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management minor
CHEMISTRY (program website)
Chemistry major - Biochemistry option
Chemistry major - Chemistry for Secondary Teachers option
Chemistry major - Chemistry option
Chemistry minor
ECONOMICS (program website)
Economics major - Business Economics option
Economics major - Economics option
Economics minor
EDUCATION (program website)
Early Childhood Education major
Elementary Education major
Interdisciplinary Studies major - General option
Teacher Education Licensure
ENGINEERING (program website)
Engineering major
Engineering minor
Physics major - Engineering Physics option
ENGLISH (program website)
English - Communications minor
English - Literature minor
English - Writing minor
English major - Communications option
English major - English for Secondary Teachers option
English major - General option
English major - Writing option
Environmental Policy minor
Environmental Studies major
EXERCISE SCIENCE (program website)
Exercise Science - Coaching minor
Exercise Science major - Exercise Physiology option
Exercise Science major - K-12 Teaching option
Exercise Science major - Exercise Specialist option
Exercise Science major - Sport Administration option
Exercise Science minor
Forensic Studies minor
GENDER & WOMEN'S STUDIES (program website)
Gender & Women's Studies major
Gender & Women's Studies minor
GEOSCIENCES (program website)
Geology major - Environmental Geology option
Geology major - Geology option
Geology minor
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) certificate
HISTORY (program website)
History major - Public History option
History major - Social Studies for Secondary Teaching option
History major - General option
History minor
HONORS PROGRAM (program website)
Rhetoric of Inquiry minor
LIBERAL STUDIES (program website)
Liberal Studies major
MARKETING (program website)
Marketing major
Marketing minor
MATHEMATICS (program website)
Mathematics major
Mathematics major - Mathematics for Secondary Education option
Mathematics minor
MODERN LANGUAGES (program website)
French minor
Spanish major - Latin American option
Spanish major - U.S. Latino Studies option
Spanish major - K-12 Teaching option
Spanish major - Spanish option
Spanish minor
Professional Certificate in Spanish
MUSIC (program website)
Music major - General Music Studies option
Music major - Jazz Studies option
Music major - Music Business option
Music major - K-12 Teaching option
Music major - Music Performance option
Music minor
Native American and Indigenous Studies major
Native American and Indigenous Studies minor
Peace and Conflict Studies minor
PHILOSOPHY (program website)
Philosophy major
Philosophy minor
PHYSICS (program website)
Physics major - Physics option
Physics minor
POLITICAL SCIENCE (program website)
Political Science major
Political Science minor
PRE-HEALTH (program website)
PRE-LAW (program website)
Pre-Law minor
PSYCHOLOGY (program website)
Psychology major
Psychology minor
PUBLIC HEALTH (program website)
Public Health - Allied Health option
Public Health - Environmental Health option
Public Health - Psychosocial option
Public Health minor
RELIGIOUS STUDIES (program website)
Religious Studies minor
Criminology minor
Sociology/Human Services major - Criminology option
Sociology/Human Services major - Ethnic Studies option
Sociology/Human Services major - General option
Sociology/Human Services minor
Student Constructed major
Teacher Education (See Education)
THEATRE (program website)
Theatre major - Arts Administration option
Theatre major - Design and Technical Theatre option
Theatre major - Performance and Directing option
Theatre major - Secondary Drama Teaching option
Theatre major - Theatre Generalist option
Theatre minor