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Academic success centers

Your success is our success. Know that support is there when you need it.

0ur student success service network means you’ll receive the academic and personal support you’ll need to graduate and pursue the career of your dreams.

Degree planning helps you achieve your college and career goals. Each student is assigned a faculty or professional academic advisor to develop a curriculum completion program using the u.achieve degree planning and auditing technology.

0ur student success service network includes:

Academic Success Coaches
Your academic achievement is supported college-wide by professional Student Success Coaches and peer Achievement Team (A-Team) members, backed by tutoring programs in mathematics, writing, and the subject fields.

Algebra and Statistics Alcove
The Algebra and Statistics Alcove offers a free drop-in, one-on-one tutoring service that is available to students taking Freshman Mathematics courses.

Career Services
Career Services helps students with the transition from college to the world of work, connecting students with employers and internships, and honing the tools necessary for career building. 

Disability Services
Disability Services promotes an equal opportunity for students with disabilities in pursuing a higher education and achieving their academic goals.

El Centro de Muchos Colores
Fort Lewis' Hispanic Resource Center, is available for conversational Spanish language practice.

Faculty Mentors
Faculty mentors are available in all of the scientific disciplines.

John F. Reed Honors program is a selective curriculum for students seeking interdisciplinary intellectual exploration through forums, interaction with writers and scholars, and cultural events and field trips.

Math Assistance Center
Students enrolled in Mathematics Department courses can go to this drop-in tutoring center to get help from both faculty and students.

Modern Language Lab
The Fort Lewis Language Lab offers free tutoring in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese in Noble Hall, Room 150
. For more information please contact Ellen Hartsfield

Native American Center
The Native American Center thrives to help its Native students in academics.

TRIO Student Success Center
Funded by a TRIO grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the Student Success Center provides individualized academic and personal support services to eligible students who want to make the most of their education.

STEM3 provides free academic, career, financial, personal, social, and technological assistance to eligible students in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Office of Peer Education (Tutoring)
The Office of Peer Education offers free group tutoring sessions tailored to each section of a course.

Writing Center
The Writing Center gives students a place where to get one-on-one help with any writing assignment or project at any point in the writing process.