Freshmen Admission Requirements

Admit with conditions


If you can demonstrate that you are college-level prior to the first day of class at Fort Lewis, you will fulfill your conditions for admission.  Within Option A, there are two ways to demonstrate you are college-level:

Option A #1:  Re-test.  The ACT, the SAT, and the Accuplacer are acceptable tests.  The scores you must earn are listed below.

English (only if your score is below this level)
ACT English:  18, or
SAT Critical Reading:  430, or
Accuplacer Sentence Skills :  94

Mathematics (only if your score is below this level)
ACT Mathematics:  19, or
SAT Mathematics:  460, or
Accuplacer Elementary Algebra:   85
Option A #2:  Complete the required remedial courses at a regionally accredited community college with a grade of C- or higher.  Check with the Fort Lewis College Office of Student Success prior to enrollment to verify you have selected the correct remedial course.

If you either re-test or successfully complete the required remedial course at a college, you will need to send official record of your test/transcripts to Fort Lewis College by the first day of class at Fort Lewis.

Option A #3:  Improve your GPA so that you are no longer in the "admission with conditions" category on the Fort Lewis freshman admission standards.


If you do not demonstrate you are college-level prior to the first day of class, you are required to participate in an academic success program during your freshman year.   Your specific requirements will be addressed in a Student Success Contract.  Generally, these expectations include:

  • Mandatory enrollment in the appropriate remedial courses in the fall semester;
  • Restrictions on courses you are allowed to take while remediating in the fall semester;
  • Study skills evaluation in the fall semester;
  • Required tutoring if identified by any professor as being at risk for not successfully completing a course fall during your first year;
  • Development of an academic degree plan