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Congratulations Class of 2017! [VIDEO]

Mr. Kevin Gover, director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, offered the Commencement Address at Fort Lewis College’s 2017 Spring Commencement.

He began by explaining that one of the perks of working at a museum was that he had the freedom to follow a curiosity “down the rabbit hole.” One curiosity he had after being asked to give FLC’s Commencement Address was who was the namesake of Fort Lewis College.

The College gets its name from Lt. Col. William Lewis, a Civil War veteran who was killed during a conflict with the Cheyenne in Kansas. Interesting how, more than a century later, the college that bears. Lt. Col. Lewis’ name is known for graduating more Native American students than any other baccalaureate institution in the United States.

Mr. Gover continued, explaining that being a citizen of this country is a privilege, one that comes with responsibility.

“I do hope that you will live lives of service and strive to make our Union more perfect,” he said. “And here’s something important that I hope you know: we believe in you. We’re counting on you to make a better world. We wish you the best. Congratulations and Godspeed.”

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