Spring break means adventure for these Outdoor Pursuiters [PHOTOS]

Students involved in FLC's outdoor adventure club, Outdoor Pursuits, took off to three locations over their spring break: the wilds of Texas, southern California, and the Grand Canyon.

Trip #1: Paddling the Rio Grande

After over ten years, Outdoor Pursuits returned to the wilds of Texas to paddle the lower canyons section of the Rio Grande River. A group of ten students and two OP staff traveled nearly 700 miles to explore an extremely remote 83-mile section of this historic river, which forms the border between the our country and its southern neighbor, Mexico. Averaging 14 miles per day, the group paddled warm turquoise green water fed by natural hot springs and enjoyed incredible natural beauty in deep limestone canyons. Big horn sheep, wild burros, and the occasional stray cow were their only companions for the nine-day trip.

Ethan Bussell, Jerad Bussell, Fallon Ward, Brooke Knabenshue, Bridgett Gantt, Carin Cleveland, Marlee Meltzer, Michael Barela, Carl Schnitker, Cecilia Trujillo (leaders Brett Davis and Tom Whalen)
Trip #2: California Surf Trip

In this first of its kind trip, 10 students led by two OP student outdoor leaders (SOL) ventured to southern California to learn the ways of the surf world from the experts of the Eli Howard Surf School. Though there was some challenging weather at the outset of the trip, the group spent the week perfecting their pop-ups and experiencing the exhilaration of catching their first waves. When not surfing, the group visited other beaches, went hiking, and explored the southern California culture.

Arianna Osmar, Geordan Nunes, Jacob Lybrook, Ava Worm, William (Joe) Anderson, Nate Collie, Jo Bachelder, Sam Allen, Joey Downs, Paige O'Brien (leaders Hallie Venaglia and Stephen Moldenhauer)
Trip #3: Grand Canyon Trust Service Project

In a collaborative effort with the FLC Leadership Center, the Environmental Center, and Outdoor Pursuits, seven students led by two OP student outdoor leaders (SOL) spent their spring break giving back to the local communities of the Four Corners region. Under the direction of the Grand Canyon Trust, the group installed solar panels and performed other service projects while learning sustainable environmental and living practices. A stop at the Grand Canyon to take in its wonders was a great way to end an amazing experience.

Allison Anderson, Jacob Becker, Megan Bowyer, Priscilla Moreno, Andy Barbour, Paul Roman, Shiori Kikkawa (leaders Nicole Lovato and Anna Amidon)​

Photographer goes where no one has caved before [PHOTOS]

Photographer goes where no one has caved before [PHOTOS]

First ascents tend to capture popular imagination. But not many people get known for their first descents. So photographer Stephen Eginoire recognizes just how rare it is that he gets to be the first human being to step into caves unseen by human eyes or trod by human feet in Grand Canyon National Park.

Exercise Science cohort learns on the ropes

Exercise Science cohort learns on the ropes

This fall, the Exercise Science Learning Community traveled to Farmington, New Mexico, for a half-day high ropes challenge. There, the students practiced teambuilding exercises with the same peer group that takes several core classes together as a cohort.

Professor’s interactive map illustrates national monument proposal

Professor’s interactive map illustrates national monument proposal

The recent announcement by the Department of the Interior that it proposes to reduce the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah is one of the most high-profile changes to public lands in recent history. And Jon Harvey, assistant professor of Geosciences, is helping the public and his students understand those changes through interactive GIS maps.