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Fort Lewis College students excel at creating solutions outside of the classroom. When they see a need that isn’t being served in their communities, they draw on their interdisciplinary backgrounds to fill that gap with their own answers. Here’s a look at how four entrepreneurs are shaping the town that the College calls home.

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We refer to it as a mesa, but the flat-topped home of the FLC campus 300 feet above Durango is technically a “fluvial bench” – a layer of ancient river deposits dropped by an ancestral Animas River and carved along its edges over thousands of years by that same stream.

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The view from here is pretty inspiring.

From the Fort Lewis College campus, you can watch the sun rise from behind a pinion-and juniper-adorned ridgeline, and then see it set behind a sweeping range of mountain peaks, diamond white in winter and cool blue-green in the summer.

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In May, President Dene Kay Thomas announced that she will retire effective June 30, 2018, concluding an eight-year run that saw a number of challenges and accomplishments that helped to reshape the College.

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At FLC, students have a chance to get really dynamic with their study breaks. Sure, we’re known for our world-class hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. But we also have a hoppin’ dance community that’s accessible to dancers of all skill levels and styles.

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It’s hard to go into business with family. But the Martin brothers can hardly imagine working with anybody else. For them, the formula is paying off: Nitrum Dynamic Paint, which they founded while attending Fort Lewis College, is increasing its capacity to recycle paint, while also contributing to a better world and keeping these brothers connected beyond their college experiences.

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