You get a lot for your money at Fort Lewis College. In fact, The Princeton Review listed Fort Lewis as one of America’s best value colleges for its strong academics that are available at a reasonable cost.

At FLC, we’re committed to making your college experience affordable in a variety of ways. Below are a few suggestions for financing your education:

Reasonable Tuition and Fees: FLC’s tuition rate is lower than most four-year colleges and universities within Colorado and peer liberal arts colleges around the country.

Scholarships: At Fort Lewis College, we recognize students’ academic accomplishments through our merit scholarship program.

Office of Financial Aid: FLC works closely with our students to provide appropriate need-based financial aid, including Pell Grants, Work-Study, Academic Competitiveness Grants, Perkins Loans, and Stafford Loans.

Employment Opportunities: Fort Lewis College helps students find work on-campus and in the community, allowing students to finance their education and build their resumes.

College Opportunity Fund: This fund pays a stipend to eligible undergraduates, paying a portion of their in-state tuition.

Colorado-New Mexico Reciprocal Award: Selected New Mexico students are eligible to enroll at in-state tuition rates.

Native American Tuition Waiver and Scholarships: Eligible Native American students can attend FLC without paying tuition.