Fort Lewis College prepares students for successful careers in science and math. Students leave our school with science degrees and the skills, training, and flexibility to adapt to tomorrow's careers in a rapidly changing technological society.

Meaningful contributions to science

Hands on learning, science degrees biology

Biology professor Dr. Erin Lehmer’s field researchers worked on a National Science Foundation-funded project studying animals with the Sin Nombre Hantavirus in the Colorado mountains – research that was covered by The New York Times, ScienceNews, and US News & World Report. Read more >>

State-of-the art laboratories

science degrees chemistry

Chemistry professor Dr. Bill Collins’ scientists-in-training are working on a Department of Defense project that puts them on the forefront of nanotechnology research, using cutting-edge chemistry techniques and new laboratory tools to design, synthesize, and make practical use of carbon nanotubes. Read more >>

Field studies & analysis

science degrees geosciences

Geosciences professor Dr. David Gonzales’ undergraduate researchers made discoveries about the origins of Arizona’s Navajo Volcanic Fields through field studies and the use of analytical instruments at Arizona State University, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, University of New Mexico, and the US Geological Survey in Denver. Read more >>

Science for the public good

science degrees engineering

Engineering professor Dr. Laurie Williams teams with student volunteers and local professionals in the FLC chapter of Engineers Without Borders, working each summer in Laos, Ecuador, and Thailand, improving the quality of life in poor communities while getting students valuable real-world engineering experience. Read more >>