High School Machine Shop 1920

1920 high school machine shop
womens basketball team 1920

Women's Basketball Team 1920

High School Faculty Outing 1920

high school faculty outing 1920
May Pole dance in new gym 1920

May Pole Dance in new gym 1920

High School Students 1921

high school student group photo 1921
high school faculty 1922

High School Faculty 1922

Front row from left to right: M. Greenwood, Howard, Rowan. Middle row: E. H. Bader, G. F. Snyder Top row: F. Jones, Kohlie, F. Jans

Graduates 1922

Front row: Lottie Walker, Mary Hight, Jewel Chastain, Marquerite Dennison and Jessie Ball; Middle row: Johnwill Faris, Fred Reddert, Harry Longenbaugh, Dillon Logenbaugh, Archie Toner and Jean Edgar; Top Row: Victor Paulek, Lewis Pollack, Carl Davenport and Joe Snyder.

graduates 1922
Snyder dorm for boys

Snyder Dorm for Boys Completed in 1923

The following description appeared in the 1942-43 Fort Lewis Catalog:

"Snyder Hall is south of the Office and north of the Dining Hall. It is a U-shaped building and contains 37 rooms, 34 of which are double and three are single. The bedrooms are decorated in green and white and contain two alcoves, a dresser, study tables and chairs. A large well-furnished recreation room with low-beamed ceiling, rugged fireplace and picture of athletic heroes, is popular for recreation. "

Men's Basketball Team 1924

Wayne Elsworth, John Porter, Albert Porter, Archie Garwood, Joe Christy, Will Porter, Coach Mr. Brooks

mens basketball team 1924
high school girls 1924

High School Girls 1924

Pauline Rust - Second from right in Row 1

Power House

The power house provided electricity and was used as emergency backup after the campus was electrified by Western Colorado Power Company in 1925. (Top photo shows the exterior and the bottom photo shows the interior of the Power House.)

power house exteriorPower House Interior
high school students 1927

High School Students 1927

Individuals pictured include Gene Austin(center with glasses) and Howard Stagelman(5th from left in 3rd row)

Photos courtesy of Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies