Researcher(s) Dept/Program Title/Description Research Dates
Collins, William Chemistry Synthesis and biological evaluation of molecules to control Varroa mites on Honey Bee colonies. 2013-2015
Hilimire, Kathleen Environmental Studies National Institute of Food and Agriculture-supported research to develop sustainable food systems curricula suitable for a liberal arts, interdisciplinary context. 2012-2015
Korb, Julie Biology Sudden Aspen Decline ongoing
Korb, Julie Biology Warm-dry mixed conifer forest restoration treatments ongoing
May, Don Engineering Village Aid Project-Engineers Without Borders. One of the goals of this program is to help communities develop sustainable systems. VAPewb has a detailed sustainability plan/process that is centered around Participatory Development. Student, faculty and community partners address sustainability on multiple levels. 2005-2015
Miller, Janneli Environmental Studies Research on homebirth in the US and solitary birth among the Rarámuri of N. Mexico since the mid 1990’s. Currently I’m working on a film depicting Rarámuri birthing practices and also comparing waste generated by hospital birth and home birth in the US.  I’ve also been looking at the practice of unassisted birth in the US. ongoing
Steltzer, Heidi Biology Environmental science and the connection of science with society. ongoing

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