Students in the garden
Collaboratively manage a plot of beautiful produce!

Farmer-in-training (FIT) Program

Want more experience before starting their own business or getting a farm job? Become a FIT! Farmers-in-training (FITs) work 4 days per week co-managing a 1-acre plot in the Incubator Field from May through September. Experiences range from harvesting greens to fixing drip irrigation, from planting peppers to packing CSA bags. In addition to winter educational classes, informal classes, field trips, field walks, and discussions will be offered throughout the growing season.

This program provides an immersive experience of the labor and rhythm of farm work on a productive educational farm. Successful FITs are self-motivated learners, team players, and hard workers. We value communication, welcome questions, and encourage responsibility.

After learning basic farming skills, FITs will be poised to apply as incubators or work in other farm jobs the following season.

Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF): For FITs who identify as Native American, a grant from the NAAF allows us to distribute a housing stipend of $2,000 per summer, in addition to the hourly compensation, and reduces the Field Fee to $50.

Applications & Information

Positions are filled for Spring 2021.

For more information or a current application, email Program Manager Elicia Whittlesey.