Political Science Learning Outcomes

  1. Civic Engagement. Students will demonstrate political agency by identifying issues of importance to them, showing an understanding of the parameters and different perspectives of the debate over those issues, locating the pertinent actors and institutions involved, and executing or communicating a plan of action.
  2. Communication. Students will be able to communicate clearly and convincingly in written and spoken formats by defining all pertinent concepts fully, developing a cogent central message, using proper syntax, and communicating appropriately given the genre and context of their objectives.
  3. Political Science Scholarship. Students will be able to identify and understand the structure and operations of political systems and to apply relevant political science theories to pertinent cases using appropriate frameworks and concepts.
  4. Research and Information Literacy. Students will be able to find and produce high-quality information regarding political and social phenomena by determining the type and scope of the information needed or the research method required to obtain it, effectively accessing the needed information or employing the appropriate method, evaluating that information or methodology critically, and using the information or methodology to effectively accomplish a specific purpose.
  5. Professionalism. Students will be competent in the professional skills needed to succeed in 21st century professional and academic environments.