Theatre Learning Outcomes

The Department of Theatre strives to ensure our students:

  • Understand theatre and performance as a global phenomenon from multiple perspectives, including artistic, theoretical, historical, and practical.
  • Understand how theatre and performance enrich and contribute to personal and collective development.
  • Demonstrate contribution to and engagement with campus, regional, and international communities.
  • Demonstrate through experiential project-based learning, theoretical and practical knowledge of the associative relationships of theatrical disciplines.
  • Demonstrate foundational skills related to the performing arts.
  • Demonstrate creative problem solving ability, teamwork, and leadership skills, all of which are understood as essential to inter-disciplinary professional success.
  • Demonstrate creative thinking through innovative, divergent, and risk-taking processes.     
  • Demonstrate individual initiative and vocational preparedness aligned with industry standards, facilitating post-graduate education and entry-level industry employment.