Strategies for student success

The Strategic Plan Administration is a leadership team focused on sequencing strategic plan initiative implementation. The team prioritizes student success initiatives and works closely with Entangled Solutions on Project Capstone.

The Strategic Plan Administration is currently focused on the following initiatives:

  • Centralize Student Services
  • Improve Campus-Wide Approach to Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity
  • Improve Campus-Wide Approach to Student Health, Wellness, Resilience, and Healing
  • Create and Enhance Programs for Internships, Professionalism, and Career Attachment
  • Provide Consistent Training to all Faculty and Staff
  • Begin Development of New Regionally-Focused Academic Programs
  • Build Capacity to Better Understand the Quality of FLC's Academic Programs and Improve Tracking of Students
  • Create Systems to Streamline Communications to Students
  • Build an Evaluation Dashboard (Collecting and Using Data) Into All Initiatives
  • Create Integrated Academic Support Hub
  • Elevate the Lower-division Experience: Mentoring and Cohorts