College-Wide Liberal Education Outcomes

A liberal arts education encompasses more than specific curricular requirements. The College has defined four liberal education outcomes that students will attain through fulfilling their Liberal Arts Core requirements as well as through in-depth study within the major and the experiences available to them at a liberal arts institution. The four liberal education outcomes for Fort Lewis College students are:

  • Learning As Inquiry – The ability to use modern methods to access, analyze, interpret, and apply a wide range of information, data, and appropriate sources.
  • Critical Thinking As Problem Solving – The ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply information in order to solve complex problems.
  • Communication As Intellectual Contribution – The ability to contribute to scholarly understanding of a subject by balancing complexity and clarity of argument, clear conceptual organization of evidence, and adaptation to context and audience.
  • Action As Responsible Application Of Academic Learning – The ability to use all of the above to make positive contributions to one’s community and the larger society.