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About the Curriculum Committee

Charge: The Curriculum Committee is perhaps the most important of the standing faculty committees. The Committee assists and supports the faculty in development and oversight of the curriculum at Fort Lewis College. It initiates, receives, reviews and recommends actions on proposed curricula and curricular changes including the creation, elimination or alteration of programs and specific courses. The Committee proactively communicates to the faculty and the College Administration regarding its policies, procedures and deadlines. It facilitates fair and transparent curriculum processes and practices that embody the faculty’s roles and responsibilities for developing and overseeing College curricula in service to the College mission.

The committee will submit a report by March 1 summarizing accomplishments, major issues discussed, and recommendations, if any, for special charges or changes to the charge. The report will typically be a computerized file; however, the Senate may request an in-person report.

Note: This committee meets weekly.


1 faculty member from Library
1 faculty member from Teacher Education
1 faculty member chosen as a liaison from the General Education Council
4-6 faculty members proportionally from the other schools
1 Registrar’s Office staff member – ex officio

Total: 9-12 members

2013 - 2014 Members

John Baranski (Chair)
Gerald Crawford
Pam Arbeeny
Carl Lienert
Jennifer Gehrman
Erin Lehmer
Paul Booth
Michael Valdez
Kris Greer
Katherine Jetter
Theresa Rodrigues (Registrar’s Office)  – ex officio
Olivia Burkhart (Registrar's Office) - ex officio

2012 - 2013 Members:

Suzanne Wilhelm (Chair)
John Gadbois
Carl Lienert
Gerald Crawford
Pam Arbeeny
Stephanie Vie
Paul Booth
John Baranski
Kris Greer
Elaine Labach
Katherine Jetter
Sherry Barnes (Registrar’s Office) – ex officio


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For more information about the process please contact:

John Baranski

For Technical Questions about the Curriculum Database please contact:

Theresa Rodriguez