Academic Affairs - Procedures

Curriculum Committee Procedures

The following is the approval process used by the Curriculum Committee for new courses. For information about courses that do not require a proposal, reinstating courses, and other issues handled by the committee please download the General Information for Curriculum Changes document.  


Chairs, please inform your department members of these deadlines and please track your
proposals using the curriculum database system (log on through secure CAS screen).
**If you have questions, please contact the Curriculum Committee Chair**

April 30th (Proposal deadline)

Submit completed* proposals to the Curriculum Committee via the online database. Enter all information including full catalog copy for program changes. The proposals will not show as ready until the status of the proposal is changed to “Ready for Consideration.” Only the chair signature is needed to submit proposals, but it’s a good idea to have the Dean’s support.

August 15 (Impact Study Response Deadline)

Chairs review impact study comments from Registrar’s Office during the first two weeks of August and need to respond to impact study questions by August 15th. The Registrar’s Office identifies student graduation impacts and asks for responses when questions arise regarding exceptions to graduation, transfer issues, or any other questions. After Chairs' responses, proposal moves to the Deans of each school.

First Monday in September (Dean Approval Deadline)

Deans review proposals during the last two weeks of August. The deadline for Deans' signatures is the first Monday in September. Proposals for state designations for gtPathways must be voted on at the first curriculum meeting in order to make state deadlines.

Fall Semester (Curriculum Review takes place)

Proposal moves to the Curriculum Committee for review. If there are no further questions or concerns, CC forwards approved proposals to the Senate. Announcement made publicly on the Senate agenda. Last stage for public discussion.  Senate discusses and votes on the proposal.

December 23 (Provost Approval Deadline)

The Vice President for Academic Affairs approves proposals and by Dec. 23rd sends them to the Registrar’s Office for implementation. In January the Registrar’s Office starts entering changes into the master catalog in the database. From February to May, the Registrar’s office prepares the catalog for publication.