Faculty Development Grants

The College administration has set aside faculty development money to be disbursed to faculty who submit quality proposals to enhance their development as teachers and innovators. While the established Faculty Development Grants Committee for Traditional Scholarship and Research (TS/R) emphasizes personal scholarship intended for external professional dissemination, the Faculty Development Grants Committee for Teaching Innovation, Pedagogy and Assessment (TIPA) emphasizes activities that will primarily result in innovations intended for dissemination to the Fort Lewis College community.

The intent of this money is to initiate projects that result in a sustainable, long-term change to a program or to the long-term professional development of a faculty member with respect to teaching innovation, pedagogy, and/or assessment.  This fund is not intended to be the source of continuous or on-going funding for any project or activity.  Proposals for one-time events or activities that do not have a longer-term development impact will not be funded.