Academic Affairs

Mission, Vision & Core Values


We strive to be the finest public liberal arts college in the western United States.


Fort Lewis College offers accessible, high quality, baccalaureate liberal arts education to a diverse student population, preparing citizens for the common good in an increasingly complex world.

Core Values

  • Student success is at the center of all College endeavors. The College is dedicated to the highest quality liberal arts education that develops the whole person for success in life and work. Learner needs, rather than institutional preferences, determine priorities for academic planning, policies, and programs. Quality teaching and advising is demanded, recognized, and rewarded.
  • Academic freedom is the foundation for learning and advancement of knowledge. The College vigorously protects freedom of inquiry and expression while expecting civility and mutual respect to be practiced in all interactions.
  • Diversity is a source of renewal and vitality. The College is committed to developing capacities for living together in a democracy, the hallmark of which is individual, social, and cultural diversity. The College fosters a climate and models a condition of openness in which students, faculty, and staff engage with respect, tolerance and equity. The College is further dedicated to our historical mission to educate the nation’s Native Americans within the liberal arts framework.
  • Informed and engaged citizens are essential to the creation of a civil and sustainable society. The College values the development of the responsible citizen, grounded in honesty, courage, and compassion, and committed to advancing democratic ideals. Through community-based learning, the College engages students in community involvement and formal reflection on the value of these experiences.
  • Service to Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners area, including access to the College, is a public trust. The College is committed to forging partnerships and being responsive to the Four Corners region. It strives to make available its knowledge resources, services, and educational offerings at times, places, in forms, and by methods that will meet the needs of its constituents.
  • Connected knowing, independent learning, and collaborative learning are basic to being well educated. The College structures interdisciplinary learning experiences throughout the curriculum to have students develop the ability to think in terms of whole systems and to understand the interrelatedness of knowledge across disciplines. Emphasis is placed on the development of teamwork skills through collaborative opportunities.
  • Evaluation of all functions is necessary for improvement and continual renewal. The College is committed to studying and documenting its effectiveness through assessment.