Exams Proctored Elsewhere

If you are an FLC student and need to take an FLC exam somewhere other than campus, you can have the test proctored by a trusted institution.

Step 1

Fill out the Remote Proctoring Request Form to indicate your intention to take an FLC exam at an off campus location and turn it in to the Testing Center. Discuss this intention with your professor as well to make sure it is an option. If taking the Accuplacer off campus, please discuss this with the Testing Center Coordinator.

Step 2

Arrange for a local Testing Center at a post-secondary institution to agree to proctor your test. Obtain the Proctor Agreement and Verification Form and have the proctoring institution fill out the appropriate information. They must then forward it to the Testing Center, along with a business card or letterhead to verify their credentials.

Step 3

Send payment of $25 to the Testing Center to cover administrative fees. You may mail a check or have cash hand-delivered to the Testing Center or phone the FLC Cashier to pay by credit card (Please do not mail cash). Failure to present the required payment will prevent the examination from being forwarded to the remote proctor. The fee covers handling of the examination consistent with the sound testing procedures; completion of any and all forms; mailing the examination. This policy applies to everyone requesting this service, including Fort Lewis College students. Students are also responsible for paying any administration and/or proctoring fees to the remote proctor.

Step 4

If the test is a credit-by-exam, you will need to pay a separate $12/credit fee to the Fort Lewis College Cashier’s Office, and fill out the Application for Credit by Exam in its entirety.

Step 5

The Testing Center will contact the remote proctor to confirm the appointment and send all test materials to the remote proctor’s attention along with a postage-paid return envelope.

Step 6

After completing the exam, the Testing Center Coordinator, professor, department chair, or a designee, will grade it and communicate your test scores via email.