Find out about TRIO Stem3 services

We provide free individualized academic and personal support services to eligible students, including the following:

TRIO STEM3 services

Academic advising

As a participant, you will receive individualized academic advisement, including:

  • Designing a personalized academic plan of study
  • Establishing academic goals
  • Tracking progress
  • Providing personal support
Computer lab and lounge

The STEM3 lab and lounge are accessible to STEM3 eligible participants during program hours.

Educational resources

Our program has many technological and educational resources available, including:

  • TI-84 Scientific Calculators
  • Dell Desktops
  • Olympus Digital Voice Recorders
  • Textbooks, GRE preparation materials, and reference library
  • Models for Inorganic & Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, and Biology
  • Microscope and Histology slides
Financial Aid advising & Financial/Economic Literacy advising

You will also receive individualized financial aid advising. Advising includes:

  • Preparing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Help with scholarships, grants, and financial aid applications

We also offer financial/economic literacy advising such as:

  • Reviewing or creating a personal budget
  • Obtaining information about credit score
  • Reviewing student loan debt and payment requirements
  • Building credit
  • Minimizing debt load
Graduate school advising

Our graduate school advising includes:

  • Selecting graduate school programs
  • Understanding and meeting program requirements
  • Applying to and preparing for graduate school
  • Preparing for entry exams
  • Finding financial support for graduate school
Scholarship awards

STEM3 offers scholarship awards to eligible participants. Eligibility requirements: Be a STEM3 participant for at least one semester.


Individualized one-on-one tutoring is provided to all eligible participants upon request.

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