We are here to support you and your students by serving as a central connecting point through which students receive academic support from their peers. Peer educators can support your teaching by:

  1. serving as teaching assistants in your classroom;
  2. hosting tutoring/office/lab hours to provide additional support for your students;
  3. leading study groups to help students prepare for exams or better understand course concepts;
  4. providing targeted support to students you have identified as struggling with course material

Additional Resources

Carnegie Mellon's Collected Wisdom: Strategies and Resources from TAs for TAs. This book (available full-text online) is a comprehensive resource for teaching assistants working in labs and classrooms.

Dickson College Resources for Tutors. This page provides links to a variety of resources that might be useful to you or the peer educator you are mentoring in your classroom.

Contact us to find out more!

If you are interested in working with peer educators and/or if your students would benefit from the support of peer educators please contact:

Michelle Bonanno
Email Michelle