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We support you, so you stay in college and graduate.

Why students love the TRIO program 

  • We help you stay on track for graduation,
  • We provide a comfortable place to hang out and get work done,
  • You know we care and are looking out for you,
  • We help you figure things out, even if it’s not academic.

Our services include

  • Course advisement
  • Tutoring
  • Graduate school exploration
  • Help filing the FAFSA
  • Help finding scholarships and other aid
  • General financial guidance
  • Holistic and individualized coaching

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Questions about the TRIO program

Contact us at 970-247-7692 or email us or visit us on the 3rd floor of Reed Library

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Congratulations spring and summer 2022 trio graduates
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Michael Hatley, TRIO program graduate

I knew when I stepped into TRIO that a long struggle was coming to an end. It was the beginning of a new journey, for the first time in my life I felt I could start to  explore my dreams. I have hope for a better future now because I can put all my energy into my studies and focus on learning. My TRIO advisor is awesome, she looks out for opportunities and scholarships that benefit my student career. When I feel lost or confused, I know I always have somewhere to go and someone to talk to.


Christine Roubidoux, TRIO program graduate

There are many examples of how TRIO has gone above and beyond what would be considered “typical” advising or mentoring offered at a college. However, one example in particular stands out—how TRIO helps students set goals and focus a vision. Jenn and I made a plan for graduate school. Like a steam engine we pushed forward--making lists, sending emails, and taking the steps needed to achieve the goals we identified.


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