• Please complete the following:

    1. In order to complete this application you must first:
    2. Complete a minimum of (6) credits in Adventure Education, including AE 101 plus one skills and management course (or the equivalent for transfer students), with a grade of C+ or better.
    3. Earn a cumulative grade point average and Adventure Education grade point average of 2.50 minimum.
    4. Create a current professional resume, which includes outdoor skills and wilderness experience. The electronic professional portfolio provided in AE 101 may be used to describe your outdoor skills and wilderness experience.
    5. Possess (2) letters of recommendation, one from a Fort Lewis College faculty member (excluding Adventure Education faculty) and one from an adult professional (excluding immediate family) who is familiar with your professional and academic goals and work ethic.
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  • Warning! You MUST copy and paste the link provided to RESUME LATER.