Studying Biology

Live your days immersed in the ceaseless improvisation of an ecosystem, captivated by the unique charms of its flora and fauna, and mystified by the microbiota operating out of view. Pursuing a Biology major at FLC means conducting your own research to investigate questions that are important to you, and opportunities to make yourself a member of the scientific community before you even get to grad school or take your first job in a lab, in the field, or in a classroom. Biology students at FLC get hands-on experience and close faculty mentorship—things often only available to graduate students.

Major in Biology

Biology Major

General Biology

A general Biology major allows the most flexibility in your course of study, using electives to tailor your studies to your interests. This is a great option for students who wish to pursue veterinary medicine or are curious about a broad range of biological issues.

Read course descriptions & requirements in the Course Catalog.

Bio with Teacher Ed

Biology Major with Teacher Licensure

This option includes the same course requirements as the General Biology major, but utilizes the space for electives to get a jump on teacher licensure. This is a great option for students who know they want to teach high school Biology or general sciences in K-12 schools.

Read course descriptions & requirements in the Course Catalog.

Concentrations within Biology

Environmental and Organismal Bio

Environmental & Organismal Concentration

Inquire into the delicate environmental systems and unique organisms that make our world beautiful and complex. Learn about individual taxa—how they thrive, what endangers them, and how they differ from other taxa. Take your understanding of organisms in their ecosystems into further studies or to begin a career in resource management, wildlife biology, environmental consulting or other options.

Read Lyken’s story about becoming an Environmental & Organismal Biology major or check out courses in the catalog.

Cell and Molecular Bio

Cellular & Molecular Concentration

Zoom in and see how life looks under a microscope. Design and execute research to look at processes happening at the level of cells and genes. Investigate questions related to disease, healthy functioning, and genetics. Learn the methods and procedures to prepare you for graduate studies in biological and biomedical research, medicine and other health professions.

Read Tori’s story about becoming a Cellular & Molecular Biology major or check out courses in the catalog.

Related studies

Minor in Biology

Read about course requirements for a Biology minor in the Course Catalog, or read about Forensic Studies as an interdisciplinary minor including coursework in Biology, Anthropology, and Psychology.

Biology Minor | Forensic Studies

Pre-Health Studies

For students who are interested in a career in allied health professions such as chiropractic, dentistry or nursing, or other health professions such veterinary medicine, we offer advising and course tracks to support you in pursuing that career. We even offer a Pre-Health Certificate.

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