You are what you eat

Study the recipe behind human health and development

A clump of blueberries against a white background

From addressing chronic health issues to achieving optimal athletic performance, Nutrition Science provides you with the knowledge you need to make positive life changes. Offering in-class cooking experiences and access to Durango’s hyper-local food hub, FLC’s Nutrition program provides just the right spice you need to tackle any profession in this thriving industry.

Maggie Shields, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

"FLC’s Health Sciences Department takes pride in its interdisciplinary and experiential perspectives. In Nutrition, we are excited to open discussions around food science, culture, lifecycle, and the food industry."


The road ahead

Kids eating healthy lunch meals

As diet-related health concerns continue to mount, and more and more people become aware of their own nutritional health, you'll find increased opportunities to help people eat in ways that support them.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • Sports nutritionist
  • Food service manager
  • Clinical nutritionist
  • School nutrition & health specialist
  • Nutrition & food marketer
  • Public health nutritionist