Honor Band Clinic

We currently anticipate proceeding with the 2022 Select Band from February 4-5, 2022. Clinicians, guest artists, format, and a new schedule are still being solidified.

We realize that COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus continue to generate uncertainty, and we will continue to update our plans to be in line with policies and guidance from the State of Colorado, Fort Lewis College, and professional music organizations.

Based on current conditions, participation is expected to be limited to the number of students and teachers we can responsibly fit in our rehearsal spaces. If you are interested in participating in some form, please contact Dr. Justin Hubbard for information.

Clinic information

Clinic fees and refunds
Invoice adjustments/refunds will not be made for any participant cancellations after January 10th.

Auditions, Playing Examples, and Placement


Skyhawk Band Consideration: Submit a recording of yourself performing your state’s high school all-state audition excerpt(s)

Blue Band Consideration: Submit a short 30-60 second playing sample of your choice (Should be something that showcases your sound and ability; can be a piece you’re playing in band, a favorite etude, or similar)

Gold Band and Middle School Band: No audition required, musicians accepted by Director/Teacher recommendations


Placement in each band depends on what materials you choose to submit, how well you perform those materials, the number of submissions received, and instrumentation required for each group.

For Example:

  • Example #1: You are one of 10 clarinets that submit the Skyhawk Band audition materials, and you perform them extremely well. The Skyhawk band has room for all 10 clarinets that particular year, so you end up being placed in the Skyhawk band.
  • Example #2: You are 1 of 50 flutes that submit the Skyhawk audition materials. The Skyhawk band only has room for 10 flutes that particular year, and your audition ranks you 20th out of the 50 flutes that auditioned. You end up being placed in the Blue Band, as there were simply too many awesome flutes to fit you all in Skyhawk band.
  • Example #3: You don’t want to prepare the all-state materials required for Skyhawk, so you just submit a recording of you playing your favorite passage from a band piece you’re working on. You are placed in Blue Band even though you played extremely well, because you did not submit the necessary materials to be eligible for Skyhawk Band.
  • Example #4: You do not submit any recording or audition, but your director recommends you. You are placed in Gold Band, since you did not submit the materials for Blue or Skyhawk Band

Due Dates

  • Middle School director recommendations are due October 27
  • Gold Band director recommendations are due November 3
  • Skyhawk and Blue Band auditions are due November 10

Music Distribution

Music will be distributed no later than December 10 (aiming for the 8th).


  • Skyhawk Band: Dr. Jason Caslor, Director of Bands at Arizona State University
  • Blue Band: Dr. Justin Hubbard, Director of Bands at Fort Lewis College
  • Gold Band: To be determined
  • Middle School Band: Daniel Fear, Coordinator of Fine Arts at Farmington Municipal Schools

Dates and Time of Honor Band: February 4-5

  • February 4: 12:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
  • February 5: 8:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • Concert on February 5 at 2 p.m. in the FLC Community Concert Hall

Audition/registration forms

Middle school - Middle school is not auditioned.

High school - Audition for Skyhawk and Blue bands, director recommendation for Gold band.

Send all forms and mp3 auditions to: blaylock_sl@fortlewis.edu