Music Forms for Students

Find forms below to request accompaniment, schedule a recital, and more.

Online student recital form

Online Student Recital Form - Use this form to submit a piece for inclusion in an upcoming Midday Music student recital. Deadline is the Monday one week prior to your desired recital date. If you do not submit by the deadline, you will NOT be programmed.

If you fill out the form and do not get re-directed to a "thank-you" page - something was missing and your form did not submit. Additionally, if you do not receive an email containing what you submitted on the form, the form did not submit. It is your responsibility to be sure that the form submitted correctly.

Request an accompaniment form

To request an accompaniment, please fill out the accompaniment form at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled performance.

Repertoire form

Juries - Please download the repertoire form and bring the required amount of completed copies to your jury. Your applied teacher can let you know how many copies to bring.

Junior/Senior recital program forms

Junior/Senior Recital Programs - The Junior/Senior Recital Program Form has been designed for creating your recital program and notes. Your program order needs to be submitted 6-weeks prior to your recital date. Your program notes should be completed  4-weeks before your recital date. We will contact you to work with you on revisions. Late submissions will result in a reduced grade and may risk not having your programs printed for your recital. These forms are pre-formatted for ease in getting them to print. Please do not change the formatting on any page other than your cover page. MAC computers will skew the formatting of these forms; you must fill these out on a PC. There are several labs on campus which provide PCs for you to use.

The Junior/Senior Recital Proposal Form  must be turned in 2-months prior to your recital date.