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The Bachelor of Science degree in Physics is designed to prepare you to enter graduate school in physics, astronomy, or astrophysics, to obtain employment in scientific and technical positions in a wide variety of industries, or to obtain secondary certification in teaching physics in public schools. The geologist, engineer, chemist and biologist all deal with matter and energy in their various forms. Since physicists probe the physical laws underlying all physical processes, the study of physics is the cornerstone for all the natural sciences.

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The physics curriculum is predicated upon the role physicists play in a modern, technological global society that is currently experiencing shortages of trained personnel in various scientific and technical areas and in science education. Coursework in physics will provide the student pursuing entrance to graduate school with a strong grounding in mathematics and physics, while being immersed in an atmosphere of a broad, liberal education in the humanities and social sciences. This curriculum will also enable a student to enter applied technical fields in a wide variety of industries, where there is currently a high demand. Students seeking to major in physics should consult early in their college career with faculty members of the Physics Department.

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